Sunday, January 22, 2012

One long holding pattern.

Are you in a holding pattern? I am. The new year came and went, and I went blah. I'm doing nothing. I own my own place and don't go out for work. If you have noticed, people don't eat sweets in January, well even for the first quarter. So I'm in a holding pattern. I have things I could be doing, but...meh. I have achieved 99.8% in Harry Potter Lego Years 5-7. That's Something. Right? The house needs a good, solid cleaning, starting with the upstairs garbage pit. The basement needs to be cleaned and condensed because we need to start scraping off the thin set that the morons, that had this house before us, put all over the walls. The problem is that the foundation leaks, so we need to clean it all off seal the entire thing, and then finish the basement the right way.

But lately I can't seem to get out of my own way. I'll sit down at the computer in the morning to check my email, facebook, blog, etc and boom it's eleven o'clock. Seriously where in the hell does the time go?  Is this happening to you, all you WFH folks. I can't imagine that the SAHM/D are like this. You (at least in my mind) have a billion responsibilities that you MUST attend to i.e. Children. I don't have a child that needs attention. My dogs enjoy nap time next to Mom on the couch, while I get my morning internet fix. So, there, two things at once. Spending time with the furkids and facebook. I'm such a multi-tasker. BLAH!!!!!

What do you do to keep yourself motivated? Lists? Schedual?  Let me know! All advice is welcome!


  1. Get completely dressed, including hair and makeup and put shoes on and keep them on! If I don't do that, I lay around all day. If I am up and dressed, I am more likely to get stuff done and if I keep my shoes on, I don't lay down and it makes me feel like I should be busy. Other than that...everybody needs down time, so enjoy it while you have it!

  2. Thanks for the Comment and Advice. I think that might be one of the problems. I up but I don't get myself going everyday. We'll give it a try and see how it works!