Monday, January 9, 2012

New Addition

We have a new addition. Her name is Lady, and at a full (maybe) 10lbs. she's a brute. The husband and I had been discussing for a while the addition of another family member.  We love, love, love our Penny. She is my baby, my first born, my hairy three year old. But we also know she is lonely sometimes. When I work from home and she just sadly puts herself to bed after following me around the house for a while. So we decided that our hearts were big enough, and as long as it wasn't a Saint Bernard, our house would be enough. So we started looking, early last summer. After perusing petfinder for hours, we made the decision that maybe we should wait till after the wedding. So when we got back from the honeymoon, we again started the search. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Lots of dogs, all cute. But not the one. I knew when I saw Penny. She was the one that I wanted.  No one was jumping out at us. We tried very hard to use the same service that we used to adopt Penny through, though we looked at dogs from all the sites.

Forever Home Dog Rescue is a wonderful organization that is really doing the work of angels. They take in strays, mainly from the south and get them homes. All the dogs that no one really wants. That's how we found Penny.  They don't have a facility, it is completely done by the work of volunteers. They foster and place all the dogs that are looking for their forever home.  We got an email a few weeks ago about a fund-raiser at Pizzeria Uno at the local Mall. Come in, eat dinner, and 20% of the check goes to Forever Home.  Well, down to the Mall we go, we stopped to talk to Jean and the crew and signed up for some raffles, and looked at pictures. And there was Rocky. A little dachshund mix, short little legs and big ears, and we were sold. We had to wait until the next adoption day (Sunday) till we could go and meet him. So we looked at the picture and dreamed of bringing him home.  Sunday finally got here, and to Petsmart we went. Penny, Kevin and I, looking for a new member of the family. And there was Rocky. He was adorable, and stubborn, and pig headed, and whiny and thought that Penny was a lovely lady, if you know what I mean. I looked at Kevin and He looked at me and said, I don't want to wake up to Penny getting humped in the middle of the night. And frankly I didn't either. So we put Rocky back, my heart broke a little, but I didn't want Penny to be traumatized in her own home either.

Nap? Yes Please.
So we started looking at other dogs, and there she was. A tiny little thing, named Lady. We took her out and went in the back to get to know her a little better. And we fell in love. Penny seemed, well indifferent to the whole situation. She didn't really understand what was going on, little did she know we were turning her whole world upside down. Adoption papers filled out, small fortune of pet goodies obtained, and to the car we went. Then Penny started getting the idea of what was going on. And then we came home, and then Penny was really getting the idea. We came in and ate and drank, and settled down to watch Big Blue kick the crap out of Atlanta. Go Big Blue!!  We played and slept and played and slept and ate dinner and played and slept. And then the proverbial shit hit the fan. We went to bed. And that's when Penny understood the full capacity of that was going on. The rat was staying and it was sleeping in bed with Mommy, Daddy, and Penny. This was not acceptable.  We huffed a little and then Penny went to bed, in her bed on the floor. She jumped up a few times, to realize 'It' was still here. She spent the night on the floor. And my heart broke for my baby. I had brought this other dog home and ruined her perfect life. I was a horrible, Mother.  Now I fully realize that in a few days, hopefully, they will be thick as thieves.

I'm A Sad Penny
Penny just needs to understand that Lady is here to stay and she needs to get over it. Penny is mad, because Lady seems to be in her spot. Penny needs to take her spot back, and teach Lady that there is a pecking order in this house.  Instead she is moping in the chair, looking sad and dejected and pitiful.

But it'll get better. I know it will. I'll have a house of crazy dogs that love each other dearly, and then we'll add a baby and upset the whole thing again! Lord, bless this house of mongrels.

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