Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fathers Day Special!

Hello All!

Fathers Day  is fast approaching and your Dad deserves...


Tell your Dad how much you love him with

2 Dozen Home Made Cookies


a pound of fresh ground coffee

(from a local roaster of course!)

All for $20 plus shipping if not local

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

slow and steady wins the race.

So where had Modern Family been all my life,  even though this blog was to have nothing to do with television and everything to do with exercising.  There was just a Priscilla Queen of the Desert reference. Seriously what was I watching at 8:30 on Wednesday nights?

I digress, again this was supposed to be about exercising and how good DH and I are doing at keeping active.  We are out every night after dinner to do something.  Tonight it was bike riding, we did 4 miles. I am quite proud of us. Will it last? It better, cause I need to keep this figure for the wedding and he is still loosing weight, over 100 pound so far.  I really am quite proud of him.  He is going to look so good in his tux!  Most importantly though, he is healthier then he has ever been (since I've been around, at least).

So slow and steady wins the race. A little exercise every night.  I want to do a 5k this fall sometime.  I know me! a 5k!!   We'll see.  I can run a mile with out stopping, which I couldn't do in High School, so I count that as a mini victory. I just have to add the 2.1 miles on to the end of that and voila! 5k.

On a business note, I am one step closer to getting my 20-C licence.  Hopefull everything will be ready to go by the 2nd week in June. (Fingers crossed!)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well that was a little rough.

The flu sucks. I felt like crap all last week, but I thought it was allergies, which they definitely could have been a contributing factor.  Saturday, I ended up going to work, which though the money is good, probably wore me out and let the flu in.  By Sunday I made it to church, completely denying that I didn't feel good, and then to the grocery store. I made it home and hit the couch. By 4pm, fever, body aches, cough and chills.

I finally feel better this morning. I tried to feel better yesterday, though I thought my mind over matter thing would work... It didn't.  But this morning. Much better.

I'll tell you how bad I felt, DH had to make an apple cake for me to ship out.  He being an engineer, can follow directions so it turned out perfectly.

Well I'm on the mend and I've got tons to do, the lawn is a jungle, the house is a disaster, I have to go shopping and work on a business proposal. It's going to be a busy Thursday.

Going to roll out the Fathers Day Special.  Something with cookies and coffee.  Any thoughts?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Updates and new things growing.

Well I dropped off all the samples to the restaurant yesterday and now... I wait.  I made some awesome things to take. Cranberry scones and the most delicious Blueberry Lemon Biscuits. Not to mention about 10 loaves of every kind of bread imaginable. A nice gluten-free banana bread went as well. I think I'm going to add them all to the menu pages so you all can get them too!

Well since I've baked and worked like a crazy women the last three days to get that out, today I garden. I'm going to take some photos along the way so you can see the process too. I never thought I would become a gardener like my Dad. He easily had a 1/4 acre ploughed under to garden in. His speciality...Garlic!  He plants a ton of different varieties and about 1000 bulbs every fall.  He's been gardening all my life, and there was even a newspaper article about him and his garden in the local rag.  He sells peppers, garlic, and tomatoes by the bushels. His romaine is beautiful, better then anything you can get in the store.  I don' t think my garden will ever be as nice as his, but I'm trying.  40 years from now I'll look back and see if mine looks as good.   Well off I go, I have to find some place to plant my asparagus, its a perennial and it never moves so I have to make a life long decision. The pressure!  Pictures to follow this afternoon as I take them.

Keep your fingers crossed that the restaurant likes everything!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When it Rains it Pours...or, the One o'clock hour was Awesome!

So,  1pm seems to be a good hour today. The Executive Chef from Taste , Paul Ozimek called at 1pm today to schedule me to work. If you didn't know, I am 'unemployed' wanting to be 'self-employed'.  But money is awesome, and I am building a mutually rewarding relationship with Paul and the owner. So hi- ho hi- ho its off to work I go.  Thursday is the day.  The big news of the 1pm hours is that I got a call from a friend,  though nothing is set in stone, I hopefully will be doing some contract baking for the restaurant that they work in.  Hopefully I'll get to tell you all about it next week sometime.  I have bake a ton of things and write a proposal and hope for the best.

Drum Roll Please....

I am OFFICIALLY a business in NY State!  Andi's Apple Cake LLC was born yesterday at around 3pm.  So up next is lots of paperwork. LOTS! This is the downside to the business ownership. I need and Employer Identification Number, a Tax Number, I have to do my taxes every 3 months (sucks!)  I have to keep books and records and get insurance. and crap the NH is home and I haven't even thought about dinner.  Well I'm signing off for now. The domestic Goddess must get to work. Dinner here I come!