Friday, July 22, 2011


As my friend Andy G. (king blogger @lunchboxbrain) tweeted earlier. "I hope my son will someday experience a planet at peace."


Today people were killed in Oslo and a small island off the coast of Norway called Utoya. There was a bomb in the city, that killed two and injured many, and there was a gunman dressed as a police man that went to the island where a youth camp was being held and opened fire.

Children had to jump in the water and swim for their lives as they were being shot at.

What has this world come to.

What is to be done, so that, Liam and my children (not yet sparkles in my eye) will have a history class and talk about a subject called war and terrorism. And be able to speak of it as something that is just not done any more, that as humans we have moved beyond the use of guns to settle our differences. Where we all feel safe in our homes. Where we all treat our fellow humans as our brothers.

I have hope, but its not strong. I fear, I will have to explain why people blow up buildings and attack innocent children.


prayers go out to all those families that have been broken by this misery.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Minggy? yeah it's cool.

So a friends brother started this little web site. It's still in beta now (soon to be released) but it's shaping up to be quite awesome! Pretty much it's a linked in/craigslist/meetup all rolled into one. I can have a business account and a personal account in one (sweet!) and I can post ad's and look for things that I want to do or get or see etc.  They have a video on their website that explains it all. I urge you to check it out and sign up. The more people that are on, the cooler it will be.   <-------  Check it out there!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So.... Yeah. That's what I gotta say about that.

Yeah, I'm just plugging along. I've been doing 4 farmers markets, this week I think I am just going to do three. I think I am taking the Feura Bush Market out. It is a brand new market, and I'm all for growing from the ground up, but there is no farmer at the market. Sooo, its a little hard too have a farmers market and no farmer. I feel I'll do better by doing three really well then 4 half-assed.

I've got a couple of new ideas. And I'm trying to get things planned for when the farmer's markets slow down. I'm looking for suggestions for festivals/ shows/ etc that I can go to sell. Its hard because we'll be gone at the end of September. Well everyone, put on your thinking caps.

On to wedding stuff. I think that's why the farmers markets are starting to push to the back of my mind. Anyway, wedding invites are done, almost.  The shower is this weekend, which I am super excited for. I can't wait to see everyone! So I still have a few minor things to do, but it's coming together.

It's 53 days away.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sorry I Haven't Been Bloggy in the Last Few Days.

Yeah, really haven't been feeling it. I'm guessing it's the weather. It's just hot here. Which makes me want to do nothing. Lord, the dog won't even get up. She had spent most of her day moving from one place to another to lay down. I think she  is in search of the coolest place in the house (there isn't one, but how do you explain that to a dog?) she's already tried the bed, the floor in the bed room, most places on the floor in the living room and now she is on the couch. Tough life of a dog.

Well I'm starting a new week, Four farmers markets. I'll see if I go crazy by the end. The best part of it all is that HP7pt2 comes out on Thursday night, so that means no sleep what so ever.  I can't wait though!  Well this is going to be a short blog, cause I have to package up some cooled banana bread and get ready for Watervliet. Time too swelter in the afternoon!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

T- 9 Days........

We have had a torrid love affair, since those first days, 13 years ago. Late nights in bed, waiting for hours just to get my hands on him.  Turning him over and over in my hands.  Crying, laughing, all emotions were felt, through him, and with him.

I'm going to miss that little boy wizard.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

ok. I have  a secret passion, well I have lots of secret passions, but this one's final chapter (unless someone wants to write some more) is coming to a close.  It's about a little boy and a scar and some wizards and lots of other stuff too. Harry Potter is being released next Friday night. Seven books and 8 movies, tons and loads and buckets of stuff to go along with it all.

I started reading the books to some kids that I was babysitting.  I thought that YA Fiction had come along way if this was the kind of books that were out now. Well little did I know that there weren't really any books like that out.  I kept the fact that I was a HP-Fanatic under-wraps, well I tried to at least. It would have messed with my street-cred in college. I figured I was the only 20ish gal out there reading, kids books.

Then I went to my first B&N Midnight Release party. I had found 'my people'.  But its all done. The story closes. Only one more midnight showing. One last time I can wear my HP tee shirt in public with out being completely embarrassed.

One last time...




I can't wait  !!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Feura Bush Farmers Market

Well this is a quick Saturday Morning Post. I am picking up the Feura Bush Farmers Market on Wednesdays. I still think I'm going to pick up the Coeymans one as well on Thursday Nights. I don't have the sheet in front of me but I know that The FB is at the Jerusalem Reformed Church on 32. 2pm-6pm I think, or something close to that. As soon as I dig the paper out of the car I'll get it up on the Calender.  I've been having a great go at Voorheesville and Watervliet. I really enjoy meeting everyone.

Some Highlights:


There is a Hummus Guy coming in the next week or so.  Fresh Hummus....CAN'T WAIT!!

A farmer is selling home grown mushrooms.

There is a fresh meat (chicken, steak, etc) and Egg farmer.

Farmer Jon has great greens ( got some chard for some sautéed greens)


Kristy's Barn is there with AWESOME produce every nweek (they're also at Delmar, Voorheesville, Cohoes, North GB)

The Watervliet Historical Society is there raising money with the sale of glass wear and nick-nacks.

I hope to see you out at the markets to see what our region has to offer, it's really outstanding!