Wednesday, July 6, 2011

T- 9 Days........

We have had a torrid love affair, since those first days, 13 years ago. Late nights in bed, waiting for hours just to get my hands on him.  Turning him over and over in my hands.  Crying, laughing, all emotions were felt, through him, and with him.

I'm going to miss that little boy wizard.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

ok. I have  a secret passion, well I have lots of secret passions, but this one's final chapter (unless someone wants to write some more) is coming to a close.  It's about a little boy and a scar and some wizards and lots of other stuff too. Harry Potter is being released next Friday night. Seven books and 8 movies, tons and loads and buckets of stuff to go along with it all.

I started reading the books to some kids that I was babysitting.  I thought that YA Fiction had come along way if this was the kind of books that were out now. Well little did I know that there weren't really any books like that out.  I kept the fact that I was a HP-Fanatic under-wraps, well I tried to at least. It would have messed with my street-cred in college. I figured I was the only 20ish gal out there reading, kids books.

Then I went to my first B&N Midnight Release party. I had found 'my people'.  But its all done. The story closes. Only one more midnight showing. One last time I can wear my HP tee shirt in public with out being completely embarrassed.

One last time...




I can't wait  !!


  1. I plan wear my Griffindor sweatshirt as long as possible :) -Becky D.

  2. You are such a nerd. *sniff* I'm so proud...