Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sorry I Haven't Been Bloggy in the Last Few Days.

Yeah, really haven't been feeling it. I'm guessing it's the weather. It's just hot here. Which makes me want to do nothing. Lord, the dog won't even get up. She had spent most of her day moving from one place to another to lay down. I think she  is in search of the coolest place in the house (there isn't one, but how do you explain that to a dog?) she's already tried the bed, the floor in the bed room, most places on the floor in the living room and now she is on the couch. Tough life of a dog.

Well I'm starting a new week, Four farmers markets. I'll see if I go crazy by the end. The best part of it all is that HP7pt2 comes out on Thursday night, so that means no sleep what so ever.  I can't wait though!  Well this is going to be a short blog, cause I have to package up some cooled banana bread and get ready for Watervliet. Time too swelter in the afternoon!

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