Friday, July 22, 2011


As my friend Andy G. (king blogger @lunchboxbrain) tweeted earlier. "I hope my son will someday experience a planet at peace."


Today people were killed in Oslo and a small island off the coast of Norway called Utoya. There was a bomb in the city, that killed two and injured many, and there was a gunman dressed as a police man that went to the island where a youth camp was being held and opened fire.

Children had to jump in the water and swim for their lives as they were being shot at.

What has this world come to.

What is to be done, so that, Liam and my children (not yet sparkles in my eye) will have a history class and talk about a subject called war and terrorism. And be able to speak of it as something that is just not done any more, that as humans we have moved beyond the use of guns to settle our differences. Where we all feel safe in our homes. Where we all treat our fellow humans as our brothers.

I have hope, but its not strong. I fear, I will have to explain why people blow up buildings and attack innocent children.


prayers go out to all those families that have been broken by this misery.


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