Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well that was a little rough.

The flu sucks. I felt like crap all last week, but I thought it was allergies, which they definitely could have been a contributing factor.  Saturday, I ended up going to work, which though the money is good, probably wore me out and let the flu in.  By Sunday I made it to church, completely denying that I didn't feel good, and then to the grocery store. I made it home and hit the couch. By 4pm, fever, body aches, cough and chills.

I finally feel better this morning. I tried to feel better yesterday, though I thought my mind over matter thing would work... It didn't.  But this morning. Much better.

I'll tell you how bad I felt, DH had to make an apple cake for me to ship out.  He being an engineer, can follow directions so it turned out perfectly.

Well I'm on the mend and I've got tons to do, the lawn is a jungle, the house is a disaster, I have to go shopping and work on a business proposal. It's going to be a busy Thursday.

Going to roll out the Fathers Day Special.  Something with cookies and coffee.  Any thoughts?

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