Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lady's New Coat

So our little lady is all of 10lbs, and she is shivering a bit up here in NY. The husband is stricktly against the dressing of dogs, but after a little convincing from me, and a little shaking from Lady we convinced him that it would be ok. Well I might have just said.. "I'm making Lady a Coat" as I climbed the stairs to the craft room. So I just wanted to show off my handy work. She seems to like it, it keeps the heat in, and I feel it's quite stylish. Please pay no attention to my ridiculous hair, it's very dry here, and I'm a little frizzy.

No coat for me, Mommy?


  1. Hahaha! My Hubby was dead set against dressing dogs too! But after seeing our poor pug, Mickey, shiver his way through his walks a couple times, he decided to "allow" me to crochet him a sweater(that I had already made! LoL)

    Lady looks adorable! Who is the other fur-baby?

    1. she's adorable in her coat...i am against dressing pets like HUMANS....but i think a doggy coat is just fine and she probably needs it..she's small and probably gets too cold easily...my god daughter has a mini yorkie and he HAS to be dressed in the winter or he gets sick easily...;-)