Friday, December 23, 2011

Hark the Herald Angels Sing!

I am done!  I'm not sure how it all got accomplished but by-sinckerdoodle I am DONE! The house cleaned, the presents are wrapped the cookies are baked. The dog is sitting by my side on the couch and we are enjoying Christmas.  National Lampoons is on TV for the 10th time this season. Eddie just arrived, by the way.

All the stress, all the worry, all the crap that goes along with Christmas, in the end is worth it. We'll pack up the car when the husband gets home and we'll travel, with the millions of other families, to my parents house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning. Then we'll pack up the car and back home to his Parents house, for Christmas number two, then finally home on Sunday night for 'our Christmas'.

I get to see friends tonight for dinner. Which is one of the best presents I could ask for. Ryan and John are in from Canada, Michelle from Boston and Katrina from Syracuse, will all meet on the shores of Lake Delta, for a good meal and a lot of laughs. A LOT of laughs. Last time we were there, same restaurant, semi-differnet group of people, we ended up leading the room in a rousing rendition of the "Erie Canal" song. 
For you folks that didn't sing it every year in elementary school.

Now on a side note. While I was looking up the Erie Canal song for the uninitiated, I found out that THE BOSS covered the song. I had no idea, I would have thought that the song was a hell of a lot cooler back in elementary school if I had known that Bruce was singing it. And apparently Pete Seeger and Bruce sang it in concert, in places like Dublin! I had no idea we were that cool.

A new, hopefully, tradition is that my bestie, Michelle, and her family is joining my family for dinner. I can't wait. It's always a blessing when you can share your table with loved ones, and this year our table will be extra full. Best friends and a new husband. I love Christmas eve, the house smells so good, dinner is wonderful, and we get to sit around the tree. Late at night I put on my jammies and I watch Midnight mass from the Vatican. I love to see the basilica all decorated. It'll be even more special this year, because I've actually been there. It's been two years since then, but I missed it last year, so I'm not counting that one! 

Christmas day is always a whirl wind. Packing the car with the dog then to my Aunts for dinner. It looks like 20 this year. That means a dozen or so hams. Aunt Gail likes to keep the 1 to 1 ratio. Never want to run out.  We've got wedding pictures so that'll be fun and we get to actually visit with everyone, since at the wedding there was no visiting. To much going on, and not enough time and to many people.

Poor Penny (the dog) has no idea what's instore for her this weekend. I don't think that she'll even get up out of the bed on Monday when it's all over, Hell, I don't think I'll get out of bed on Monday either.

Well to All my blogging friends and family, Have a safe and Wonderful Holiday this weekend, no matter which one it is. Enjoy your family, don't stress to much, and no matter what take 5 minutes out for yourself.  That way the chance of killing someone, goes down exponentially.

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  1. andi, have a safe trip and happy holiday! we should all get together before the markets start up again! wishing you a happy and PROSPEROUS new year from myself and mark ;-)