Monday, December 12, 2011

Things I Hate about Owning my own Business- and things I love!

There are times when owning your own business sucks. Like really, really sucks. It all balances out in the end, but the hard times are hard. There are so many things that I don't know, or don't understand. I can spend an hour pouring over the NYS Tax site and still not know what I need to do.  I hate keeping books. I'm just bad at it. Well hell, I've been crap at keeping a bank book, so why would business books be any different?

What's the worst part (and best) of owing your own business? No one tells me what to do. No one makes the decisions except me. There is no one to take the blame when things don't get done. When mistakes are made, well I made them, and I can't even yell at anyone for it. That just plain sucks.  But on the flip side, no one tells me what to do. I don't have any idiot bosses that like to boss for the sake of bossing. I don't have any stupid corporation that sends down memos just to keep vice presidents busy writing them. No dumb, day long meetings, when I have better things to do. It's just me, little old me.  I never stop working. My office is in the house, and there are always books to work on. Always. So that means when I'm watching t.v. with the hubby, I should be in front of the computer putting in receipts. Or writing a blog ;) or working on a new recipe, or thinking of a new product, the list just goes on and on and on.

So what's the best thing?   I'm just me. When it's time to go on vacation, we go. I don't have to take time off to take penny to the groomers, or when there is a sale at Macys... anyway.  I get to watch GMA most mornings. When I'm home, it's lots of Penny time.

The bestest best thing? I have never done anything that is so fulfilling. I know each and every customer. I am glad to see folks out at farmers markets. I know that I will build a business that will make (hopefully) thousands of people happy with full bellies.  That when they have a special occasion, I can help them celebrate. I might not be at the table when they serve a cake or put out a plate of cookies, but a little bit of my heart is there.  That is the best part.

Well it's going to be a busy week! I've got tons of cookies to bake 'cause Christmas is 12 short days away.

SO...  this week I'll be out at Delmar Farmers Market, it's the last one so make sure to stop and get some beautiful locally made gifts and treats! I'll also be out at Hudson Valley Community College for their Christmas shopping in the Student Center tomorrow!

Don't forget to order your cookie platter. 4 dozen cookies for $20!  Seriously you can't beat that! I ship! So let me know if you would like one. Well off to work for me!

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