Monday, December 19, 2011

OH my Goodness Gracious! Grab the Nog!

I haven't written a post in forever. I (like many of you are) am currently pulling my hair out, trying to get ready for Christmas (or your holiday). 

List of Things I haven't gotten done yet and I only have 5 more days to go:

Baking (business and personal)
Visiting with neighbors
Christmas cards (though the bulk went in the mail today)

So I really shouldn't be taking a few minutes out to write to you, but you've all been on my mind and it's one more holiday thing that I can't put off any longer.

I really can't believe that Christmas is in 5 days. We live in the Capital Region of New York, and we still don't have any snow. Which I feel is bullsh*t. I put up with tons of snow each and every year. I am originally from Central New York where over 100" inches of snow each season was typical. In this area that would be disastrous. But we still get a lot of snow, so frankly if I have to put up with it from December 26th to April/May then damn-it I want a effing White Christmas. I don't feel that this is too much to ask, seriously.

I had great expectations this year of having a really well put together Christmas. HA!  What a pipe dream that was. Just because I don't go to a company to work, in my deluded mind, I thought that I could some how get everything that I wanted to get done, done. What a crock that was.  Besides now baking non-stop for days filling Christmas orders. I made my own Christmas cards,which seriously I love but, Christ was that time consuming.

I think in some egg nog induced dream, we would be sitting around the crackling Yule Log on t.v., stringing our own popcorn garland, drinking hot toddy's and  singing Christmas carols. I need to get my head out of the clouds, get back to making sugar cookies, and cranberry orange bread and put on White Christmas for the zillionth time, to make myself be merry and bright! I feel like Clark Griswold going crazy at the end of Christmas Vacation.
This one isn't for the kid's but it makes me laugh every damn time.

Well I think that was my pre-christmas break down/rant. Now that I'm done... Back to baking!

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