Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Watervliet Farmers Market!!!


So Today was my first day, not with out incident, but Today was my FIRST DAY!!!!!!!!

I got a call from the Watervliet farmers market last week, wondering if I was going to participate this year.  I was scheduled to have my inspection of the kitchen on Friday morning, so I put off making the decision till Monday. Well of course the inspection went great! The very nice inspector John, checked out the kitchen and passed me with flying colors. With ta A-OK from the state I was off shopping like a champ. Can I spend money! I wish there were some sort of shopping award, I would win it. And what ever happened to Shop Till You Drop on Cable.  I loved that show, well I loved Supermarket Sweep more, but they were on back to back, so I consider them one. Anywho. I bought bought bought on Friday. On Saturday, I did yard work and ate Chinese.  (Yes that is a mentionable activity since I don't get egg rolls very often) Sunday was the nieces' recital ( Go Em!) and Monday was baking. and more baking, and still some baking.

Buy late late late Monday night, I had almost finished, but since I was falling asleep standing up, off to bed I went. Got up this morning with butterflies in my stomach. Did I make enough? Did I make too Much?  Will I remember everything? OH MY GOD! Small baby freak-outs all morning. Thankfully only the dog saw me and she loves unconditionally.

I had one small hiccup..... no Insurance. This would be the aforementioned incident.  I had gone on Monday to pay for my insurance. The very nice lady, Beth, was going to email the binder to me yesterday afternoon.  No binder this morning when I woke up!?!  So on my way to the FM I stopped by the agency. Why doesn't everyone move fast when you want them to?   Well what to do, no insurance, no market, Right? By 3pm the underwriter had finally written my policy and I was covered. Yep, that's me-- daredevil. I went a whole half an hour without insurance.  Cause I went anyway. Rules be damned! I will sell my applecakes come hell or high water!

It was the first day of the season at Watervliet. There were only 6 vendors and I did ok! Nothing spectacular, but ok. I'm going to say for the first month, I'll only do ok, till I get a customer base, then I hope for more.

But Today was my first day :)

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