Monday, June 20, 2011

Dum Dum da Dum....

So I haven't really talked a lot about my impending marriage on the blog. Mostly because it has not been an issue at all. We got engaged a year and a half ago in Egypt, Kevin set the date on the boat and by mid summer all the big things were taken care of, the church was booked and the barn was booked. By the first of the year we had the photog, the DJ and the florist and I had my dress.  All that was left was the limo. (Check) Tuxs Just need to order. and the little stuff. I swear I might be the calmest coolest bride around. Really. I am stressing about nothing. Well you always stress about money, but that can't really be helped. We picked out the invites, made the way too long list. We know what our favors will be and have some great surprises planned for our guests.  I AM READY!

I say... bring it. The sooner the better! I am a go for the Honeymoon. My bikini is bought and there is a rum punch somewhere with my name on it.  I have a ton of sundress' and just need to find a fancy hat to wear, But I'll probably get that on the island.

So this all is brought on because we went to a wedding last night. We had a really great time, we didn't know a lot of people there, but that's why we had so much fun. We had a good meal, had some cocktails, and danced! I just kept imagining what our wedding was going to look like. What we were going to have for center pieces. How the cake was going to look. ETC, ETC, ETC. Then I realized how much more hectic our was going to be, we got to spend time with each other last night. Not so much at our wedding. We'll have family and friends in from all over the country, and it will be the  first time my four brothers and I will be together since 1985. yes 85.  I can't wait. but I know it won't last long enough. Even though we pretty much have a Weekend planned for everyone. It still won't be long enough. We have spent countless hours getting things ready and thousand of dollars, not to mention all the money our guests will be spending to come and stay here in Albany.  I just don't feel that 6 hours is going to be long enough.

I'm sure that every bride and groom feel the same way.  Right?



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