Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today I am Happy to be a NY'er.  My close friends can do the same things that I can do. I will be able to celebrate with them, when they take the next step in their relationship.

More Importantly.....

They get to have the same basic rights that I enjoy everyday. They get to express their love to their partner, just as I will in 78 days.  When they get sick, their loved one can be in the room with the Dr. and stand next to the bed.  They can put their partner on their insurance and share a last name.

My fianc√© and I tried to become domestic partners when I was laid off. Let me tell you, this is NOT equal but different.  It's just not equal. It is a Giant Giant Giant pain in the tucass. Even though we live together, have a puppy, pay our bills out of one check book, and generally, except for that piece of paper, are married. We weren't married enough to claim domestic partnership. We didn't own a car together. If we had owned a car together for 6 months, then we could claim domestic partnership. Then, is when the fun begins. The tax forms are ridiculous. So all in all, not equal at all, not when any straight couple can walk into the clerks office, take an oath, and sign a paper, and its done. But today, no one has to do that any more.

Today I am proud to be a NY'er. Finally our elected officials did something right

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