Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Naked White Boy with Arrows Patroling the Streets!

It's Valentines Day, so if your with someone who moderately likes/loves you, and they buy into it, you should be having a pretty decent day. Or, you could be like the millions among us that don't have anyone special in our lives and be hating today with a passion.

I'm not a huge fan of the holiday, but I participate none the less. It's nice to say how much I love my husband, though we're the folks that say it to each other many, many times each and everyday. The last words that he hears as he leaves in the morning are "I love you" and so are the last words that he hears at night. I couldn't imagine being with someone that doesn't say I love you all the time. I know of people that never heard it during their marriage, or from a parent. I really don't understand that. I come from a family that shows their emotion, we hug, and kiss, and tell each other we love them. Though it's a cynical way to look at life, or maybe just realistic, it might be the last time that I get to tell them. I don't want to take the chance of them not hearing it one last time.

This week two very special people died in a car accident. I grew up in a small town were everyone knew everyone. Families have lived in the same area for generations, and are intertwined through the countryside. Most of the big families are related somehow. Two pillars of the community were killed in Florida, in a car accident. They were Farmers, and active in the community and church. They held their family and friends, which was really everyone, in such high regard. They were the people that would offer you the shirt off their back, a warm meal, a good laugh, a hug and a prayer. God called them home, together.

Looking back at Charlie & Georgianna's life, I can only hope that my husband and I have a tenth of the love that they shared with each other and their friends, because then we will truly be rich. So this valentines day, I remember to share my love with everyone. Let it enrich my life and my heart, and hopefully make someone's day a little brighter. Pass a good deed or word along, and make this place, just a little better.

Happy Valentines day to you, and know that some where, someone loves you.

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