Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm gonna get me a Squirrel Skin Cap!

ok. Well I'm not really going to kill a squirrel intentionally. Though if I could have gotten my fingers around that little neck of his this afternoon...

Today was a cooking day. All thanksgiving - all the time, Stuffing, Cranberry sauce, Rolls, and Sweet Potato Casserole. We in the North East have long used our out door spaces as refrigerators for most of the winter. Really you only have to worry about things freezing, not being too warm. Most of the time its colder outside then in your fridge. So I got the stuffing made and out to the stoop it went. On to the Sweet potatoe Casserole. Extra maple syrup.... delicious and out to the stoop it went. Penny and I took a break for some cuddle time on the couch. I heard some thumping outside, but thought it was a squirrel on the roof over the door.

Well it was a squirrel.

When I finally got up to investigate. There was a FAT Squirrel sitting on my sweet potato casserole. Gnawing off a chunk of plastic and then reaching his grubby little paw in to my delicious oatmeal crumb topping. I banged on the window, he looked up and gave me the proverbial finger. 

"Ha lady! I got your casserole!" and  "This is what you get for sending your dog after me, every morning"

I could not get to the door fast enough.

And there it sat. One, once delicious, Casserole. Now full of plastic chips and nail marks, and my tears.

So after a blue streak of curses came flying out of my mouth, I stood on my stoop, with my half gnawed dish and shook my fist in the air at the squirrels.

Yes. I did that. In my pink old lady slippers.  It's official. I'm now old and crazy. Soon I'll be on my front porch shaking a cane at kids going by, and telling them to "stay off my lawn"

Oh sweet Jesus!  When did this happen?!

So needless to say the lid went to the garbage, the dish went out to the yard, so the furry rats can have a nice Thanksgiving too, and I went to Hannaford to get more sweet potatoes.

I hope everyone else's holiday preparations are rodent free! 

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