Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When your not sure what to do, God kicks your ass down the right path.

Thanks goes out to the big guy.  I know he has led me down this path and hopefully I chose wisely.  No poor Indiana Jones references here. I had a meeting this week with what should be a great place to bake out of. I don't want to mention names till I know for sure. It involves production for them as I do production for myself.  This could work. Besides, it's a real kitchen.

Business is picking up!  Word is spreading and orders are coming in. It's AWESOME!!!  I can't thank everyone enough for all the support that I've gotten.  I keep thinking of things I want to make to add to the Menu. The half moons are delish and the brownies! OH the brownies!  I love that everyone is ordering them and it always seems that there is one left after I do the order.  It's dessert for DH and I. I'm only sort of complaining.   I think tomorrow is going to be Cinnamon Raisin Swirl bread.  Perfect for breakfast toasted with a little butter.  I'll work the recipie, and let you all know when it makes it to the menu.

It's getting late, and it's rained again. We got a quick thunder shower this evening. So there is nothing in the garden yet. I have some lovely plants that need to go in. Yet they sit in they're dirt waiting ever so patiently.  Well Top Gear is on, so off to watch crazy brits driving across the English channel.

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