Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I want you to know...

... that this posting, barely once in a while, if at all has been going on since my mother got me a diary at the Hallmark store in Vandalia, Illinois, that I just had, had, had, had to have, or I would DIE! It was spotty at best then, as it is now. I'm not a writer, or a runner, or a good house cleaner. I just need to get over those facts and move on.

I do know what I am though. I'm a small business owner, a wife, a mother to two fur babies, and most recently.... 


That's right!! The very wonderful women from Sefcu called last week and broke the news. I am funded, as long as I pass a background check. (note: hide dead body better and clean up off shore bank account) So freaking excited and nauseous, and excited and terrified, and excited and I might be having a heart attack.

So this fancy Mexican restaurant is all mine (well leased) and will be opening by the end of October, if everything goes right, which it won't. But that's what happens, every pot hole in the road is expected, even if I have no idea that it's coming. I'll keep you up to date on all the renovations etc. Don't worry, that fancy black plastic out side won't be going away! Not till I own the building, I'm too cheap to fix up someone else's mess. 

So here I go!!!

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  1. congratulations andi! i know how hard you worked toward this...excellent news- we know you will make a success of it!