Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Busy Baking Day

So I've definitely been busy this afternoon. I've had requests and it was time full-fill them. The house smells warm and spicy. YUM! I had a friends request for sugar-free treats. They have a wonderful toddler and they are looking to be healthy. Like we all should be.  Well at least 2 out of three ain't bad. The husband requested Creme de Menthe Brownies.  That is a man after my own heart.  So to the kitchen I must go.  I read up on 'natural sweeteners'  and frankly, I'm really not that sure about them.  Now mind you I have 2 Splenda in my coffee every morning, but I really don't know if I would give it to my toddler.  Hell my insides are chemical-ized with delicious diet Pepsi. But they still have a fighting chance.

I found a recipe for Banana Oat cookies, made with molasses. Warm and spicy, not to sweet, almost gingerbread-y. I think that they will be perfect for a handsome young man.  I'll continue to work on recipes as no one can live on banana oat cookies alone. So on to dads recipe, brownie try number one left something to be desired.  First I undercooked them, but they just left something to be desired.   I would even say too greasy. Still they were a brownie, but not the best I've ever had.  I'm striving for the best I've ever had. SO they are cooling on the counter and the mint frosting is warming, waiting to be slathered.  The Andes Candies are ready to be sprinkled on top.

So on a good business note, I might have found a place to bake. That means that I am one step closer to opening the business for real. A real nice lady owns a co-op kitchen. I'm going tomorrow to see the kitchen and see if it will work. Which I'm really, really hoping that it will.  Cause really I called most every church in Rensselaer County to see if they would let me bake in their kitchen.  No bites.  So I might be putting all my eggs in one basket, but I have to go with what could be my only option.

So for dinner this evening I made Summer Tomato's  DELICIOUS Curried Cauliflower Soo tasty! I think I need to find something to feed the Husband, as I can't imagine that he will want to eat cauliflower, much less curried cauliflower.

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